Down to about 20 nodes in the Evening

With the appearance of CQ-UK in direct competition with UK-NET-HUB, we are now seeing less nodes in the room.  Currently running about 20 nodes in the evening, with more earlier on in the day.

If there are any problems using UK-NET-HUB, please let me know, either by a post on the Yahoo Group or by commenting on this blog.  I’ll be talking to Virgin again about the Static IP I’m paying for and not getting and when I can expect a resolution.

Proposed New Year’s Eve Party

The following was posted on Yaesu System Fusion Yahoo Group as a suggestion for New Year’s Eve.  Particular attention is sought from this in London!


Mark your calendars for the biggest Fusion party ever! It occurs on that one day each year where every country celebrates the same holiday: NEW YEAR!

That’s right. The new year is coming and we’re going to party. The party begins at 1030 UTC (that’s 0430 Central) and runs for 24 hours. We’re asking for Fusion nodes and repeaters around the world to connect to MNWIS (Room #21493) to help celebrate the new year with those who are passing through midnight.

It will start off slow, which is understandable when one looks at all the water the International Date Line passes through. But it should pick up as we hit various islands and move into Asia and Down Under. We’ll move into Eastern Europe, Africa, then Western Europe which midnight then shooting across the Atlantic clipping Iceland and landing on eastern North America.

(BTW, we need someone in London to transmit Big Ben at midnight! Takers?)

This party will be SO BIG, that the event will spill over onto FCS002-23.

More information at

So let’s party (like it’s 9,600 – bits per second, that is). !!! See you on December 31st.

I have posted this on UK-NET-HUB group also to get the feeling of other nodes in UK-NET-HUB, but personal nodes can of course connect where they’d like!

Either way MB6NE and Colin G4MCF which you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year for 2017.

UK-NET-HUB Dropout Problems

Hi All, there have been reports of connection drop-outs in the UK-NET-HUB which has been traced to a Multi-Gigabyte Photo upload I had in progress.  Since stopping that upload (which was moving my 500GB photo collection from Apple to Microsoft Cloud service), things have returned to normal.

Of course I need to move those photos as I’ve stopped using my iPhone in favour of my new Blackberry Priv Android phone, so can’t continue to store photos in the Apple cloud.  So I have found a throttle setting in the upload, which I’ve set to 100KB/s.  Although this will make the upload take much longer, the hub appears to work OK without the drop-outs.  If you know any different, please let me know via the comment field below.

Mystery Outage!

While I was out at our regular Sunday morning chat with my brother Rodney (G7AOR) and this time my other brother Tony who lives in America, UK-NET-HUB (and MB6NE) went off as the PC failed in an as yet unknown fashion.  I came home just now to power on, but a black screen which would not respond to touch or keyboard.  I had to force power it down and back up to resume operations when it started normally with no error messages.  I will check the system logs and report anything I find later.

I can only apologise for the outage.  I’m not monitoring as often as usual at the moment as we my mother died earlier on Tuesday morning last week (my brother from America had been warned of her deterioration and had flown over immediately).  We are preparing for the funeral this coming Friday and there is much to do involving all three brothers.

MB6NE / UK-NET-HUB rebooted itself again!

That unexpected reset happened again.  Windows Updates are normally automatic and occur outside of the allowed Active Period.  But you can only set this to a 12 hour period and UK-NET-HUB is active long than 12 hours, so if the Windows Update service is left on automatic, it can reboot while UK-NET-HUB is active.  This is a recent change.  So I have disabled Windows Updates (again) by stopping the service and setting it disabled.  This means I will get NO updates unless I turn it back on and kick it from the Control Panel by clicking Check for Updates several times.  Lets see if that keeps it working in normal operating times.

Unexpected Outage of UK-NET-HUB

Earlier tonight, I heard the plaintiff cry of the FTM-100DE Node Transceiver restarting.  When I looked at the Node / Room software, the node list was empty, suggesting an outage of longer than 5 minutes.  There is no evidence of a reboot due to Windows update, so I’m at a loss to know why.  Port check is clear.

Apologies for any inconvenience, but as yet I don’t know what happened.

Discover Middlesbrough – Final Reminder

Please can as many of you as possible, remember to be available on UK-NET-HUB between 14:00 and 16:00 this afternoon, to chat with me from Ormesby Bank while folk in Middlesbrough Centre listen in for an Amateur Radio digital voice demonstration?  We’re setting up a Yaesu DR1-X in X-Band Fusion mode between 70cm and 2m to pass the output of MB6NE on 144.8375MHz on 70cm down to the Teesside Archives where the event is being held.  There will be two on-air sessions between 14:00 and 14:45 and between 15:00 and about 16:00.  There will be APRS tracking going on with UI-VIEW at the same time.

Thank you in anticipation, Colin G4MCF