Digital Amateur Radio Demonstration Tuesday 25th October

I have been asked to demonstrate Amateur Radio, in particular Yaesu Fusion, at the Discover Middlesbrough Festival in Teesside Archives on Tuesday 25th October 2016.

There will be a RAYNET presentation by Brian Dooks, G0RHI of Richmond RAYNET, after which I will demonstrate Fusion with my Yaesu 70cm handheld connected via a DR1X operating as a Digital Cross Band Talk Through to MB6NE and the UK-NET-HUB.  This is expected to be between 14:15 and 16:00 hrs.

I’m hoping as many of you has possible will be available to connect to the UK-NET-HUB and reply to my CQs. 

Welcome MB6ILI, 70cm Simplex Gateway from Birkenhead to UK-NET-HUB

We’d like to welcome Dave, G4PGO, and MB6ILI, his 70cm Simplex Gateway on 431.075MHz from Birkenhead to the UK-NET-HUB.  Please stay and long as you or your users wish.  I will invite you to join the Yahoo Group of the same name where we help each other with problems and pass useful information.


Apologies to all room users!  While attempting to connect a camera to the router, I managed to press the power off button instead of the WPS button underneath it.  Its taken a reboot of the node/room PC to get all the ports working again (bless Windows).  I bet it was more reliable when I was on holiday!!

Welcome MB7IGH, 2m Analogue Gateway in Horncastle to UK-NET-HUB

We’d like to welcome MB7IGH, a 2m Analogue Gateway on 144.9625MHz in Horncastle to the UK-NET-HUB.  Node keeper is Tony, G3ZPU, brother of our frequent visitor from Australia, Colin, VK4ZPU.  His aim is to cater for the digitally challenged users with less expensive transceivers (e.g. Baofeng) who can still use DTMF tones to move around the system, once they identify the node and room numbers required.  Numbers of nodes commonly in the UK-NET-HUB can be found on this site at  The UK-NET-HUB itself is room 27721.  Precede the DTMF numbers with ‘#’ and disconnect with ‘*’.

Tony has set up his HRI-200 very well and is a model for other Analogue nodes joining the room.

Welcome MB6IGK 70cm Simplex Gateway to the UK-NET-HUB

We’d like to welcome Jonathon, 2E0JTP and his 70cm Simplex Gateway MB6IGK on 434.0375MHz in Gillingham, Kent to the UK-NET-HUB.  Congratulations on completing your NoV application and please connect to the UK-NET-HUB whenever you or your users like.  I’ll also invite you to join our self-help Yahoo Group where we share problems and solutions.