Unexpected Windows Update took the UK-NET-HUB down!

I can only apologise for the loss of the UK-NET-HUB room earlier this evening when Windows 10 Update (a tenacious beast) decided to reboot the computer for an update.  I had instigated manual updates by setting the Update Service to Manual, but then I missed some important updates, so I re-instated Automatic Service.  With a wired ethernet connection, you can’t use the metered connection trick to control updates.  Bad move!  I will reset the Service to Manual this evening.

Welcome MB6ISH in Shotattun to the UK-NET-HUB

I’ve had this message from Gary, G0DNI.


Simplex DV (Fusion) Gateway MB6ISH is now operational on 70cm and is connected to the Wires-X network.

Tx/Rx: 431.1125 Mhz
Preset Search Frequency: 438.6125 Mhz
Loc: IO82MT approx 2.5km WNW Ruyton XI Towns

The gateway will default to the UK-NET-HUB after 10 minutes of inactivity.

This is a low-power gateway so coverage will be limited to the immediate area, however, as the gateway is connected to the Wires-X network, it can be accessed remotely. The RAFARS-ROOM (Royal Air Force Amateur Radio Society) associated with this gateway can be accessed via the Wires-X network and Wires-X enabled Fusion Repeater, gateway or node.

Note: The gateway is ‘Attended Use Only’ so will not necessarily be available on a 24hr basis.

Tests on Oct 18th and Reminder for Digital Radio Demonstration on 25th

In advance of the demonstration of Amateur Radio, including my Digital Voice demonstration, due to the lack of suitably tuned filters, which cost around £1000 per frequency pair, we will be testing the DR1-X operating in a cross band mode from 70cm to MB6NE on Tuesday 18th October between 18:00 and 19:00.  This will only work in one direction.  I will be operating 2m Simplex as normal and the repeater will be used to link to Teesside Archives where the public will hear both sides of the conversations from a Fusion H/P tuned to both bands.

On Tuesday 25th October 2016, the operating schedule has changed a little to avoid boring the public with two hours of digital chit chat!  Instead, there will be two sessions, 14:25 – 14:45 and 15:25 – 16:00.  I do hope as many of you as possible can be available on UK-NET-HUB at these times to chat with me and each other.

Northern Ireland node MB6NI coming on-line on 2m Fusion later this week

Congratulations to Brian, GI6DKQ, who has successfully applied for an NoV for a dual mode gateway on 2m MB6NI on 144.8375MHz from Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland.  He plans to join the UK-NET-HUB so this will be our first node from Northern Ireland.  We look forward to seeing you in the hub and hope you enjoy your stay.

Digital Amateur Radio Demonstration Tuesday 25th October

I have been asked to demonstrate Amateur Radio, in particular Yaesu Fusion, at the Discover Middlesbrough Festival in Teesside Archives on Tuesday 25th October 2016.

There will be a RAYNET presentation by Brian Dooks, G0RHI of Richmond RAYNET, after which I will demonstrate Fusion with my Yaesu 70cm handheld connected via a DR1X operating as a Digital Cross Band Talk Through to MB6NE and the UK-NET-HUB.  This is expected to be between 14:15 and 16:00 hrs.

I’m hoping as many of you has possible will be available to connect to the UK-NET-HUB and reply to my CQs.